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Raquel Olivo

From high fashion to famous faces, Los Angeles-based photographer Raquel Olivo captures it all. Naturally gifted, Raquel is a professionally trained master of her craft. Discover more about Raquel and her work at

Where are you from originally?

Originally from Chicago.

How did you end up in California?

I was living in Miami, FL for a few years when a guy I knew suggested I move to LA after having seen snapshots I had taken of my daughter. He knew that my photography wouldn't grow nor would I have the opportunities there like I would in LA. So I said cool I'll give it a whirl.

How did the college experience affect who you are today?

Going to the art institute I learned some of the business aspect of photography and some technical pointers on lighting. Going to art center I learned how to think outside the box. I learned the most as an assistant to photographers like David LaChapelle, Walter Chin and a few other household name photographers.

What was your first photography job?

Wow, I really have to think about this. It's been years. When I first moved to LA I met several music video directors and my first paid behind the scenes photo job was shooting Nelly and Snoop Dog.

How do you describe your work?

Not over retouched, realistic, non fantasy beautiful safe photography.

What inspires you most?

Fashion and movies.

When did you first become interested in what you do?

I always go back and forth when asked this question. Reason being is I have always loved photography but I never realized it was an interest. I never realized you could be paid to do such a thing. So I would spend lots of my money as a kid buying disposable cameras and getting pictures developed at the local drug store. Photography has always been a part of me. It wasn't till sometime in 2001 when I realized I could make it my career!

What has inspired and shaped you the most as a photographer?

My inspirations for my photography are different depending on the time. Sometimes paintings inspire me. Sometimes what's in fashion at the moment inspires me and sometimes a feeling I have will inspire me. All these different experiences have shaped me equally.

Who and what are some of your biggest influences?

Richard Avedon, Helmet Newton -- huge fan of their works. Strong independent women influence me.

What are some of your favorite books / sites?

Favorite book would be 48 Laws of Power. Currently I'm reading Steve Jobs biography. I surf lots of websites so at the moment I don't have a favorite. Maybe I do but I can't give you all my secrets ;)

Is there anyone you're interested in working with or for?

Yes, I would love to shoot a Pantene ad.

What are you currently working on? Anything fun and exciting you'd like to share?

Currently I am prepping to shoot one of the actors in the hit show Teen Wolf for season 2 publicity stuff. Him and I go way back working on projects together so this should be lots of fun.

Can you tell us about any projects you've been involved in that you're particularly proud of?

I just shot a beauty story in the desert with jewelry and a beautiful model. The shoot just came out and one of the jewelry companies has somehow seen the images this quickly and is interested in purchasing images for their advertising purposes. That's a huge compliment.

What is a typical day like for you?

Typical day for me starts off with my 1yr old waking me up bright and early then my 14yr old getting ready for school. I am always emailing and taking calls for projects I'm working on or I'm on set shooting. I am a control freak so on days that I'm not shooting you can find me in post retouching away!

How would you describe your creative process?

I can't.

What's next in the world of Raquel Olivo? Any exciting upcoming projects?

The next thing in my world would have to be a few more editorials and then a special vacation!