Templates help us print and cut your cards correctly.

All cards must be uploaded on 4by6.com templates Please follow the online instructions carefully when preparing your cards.

While we strive to make every cut perfect, it is important to note that there will always be some minor variation when your cards are cut. For this reason, it's important to take cutting variation into account when setting up your design.

Take a look at our templates here.

Templates are available for all major design applications.

Cards can also be uploaded as PDF files.

All cards must be uploaded on 4by6.com templates.

Templates contain three important guides that help us print and cut your cards correctly

Cut Marks
The black cut marks indicate where your cards will be cut. Again, there may be some slight variation.

Text Safe Area
Keep text and logos within the safe area shown by the blue dots. This will stop your important information from being lost if there are any cutting variations.

Within safe area

Outside safe area

Bleed Line
Any color (such as a background color, image or border) that is designed to run to the edge of your card must extend all the way to the red bleed line. This guarantees that an undercut won't leave a unprinted white edge on your finished card.

Correctly extended

Not extended