Tools For Getting the Right Color

Color Reproduction is known for great printing. We use the highest quality printing presses to print your cards. But even the world's best printing press cannot match what you see on your monitor, or even your home printer.

This is due to many factors - from differences in the way your eye perceives color (transmissive vs. reflective) to ink color and paper stock. Despite these issues, if you follow the tips below we can reproduce your color within a few percentage points.

The Sample Kit contains many tools which will help you print more accurately.

Order a free Sample Kit

PANTONE® 4-Color Guide

The PANTONE® 4-Color Process Guide is the standard by which we set our printing presses. The best way to guarantee color accuracy is to select your CMYK color mixes from the 4-Color Process Guide.

Click here to order a PANTONE® 4-Color Guide.

Adjust your monitor with the Color Calibration Tool

1. Get the Color Calibration Tool

If you haven't already, order a free Sample Kit. In addition to samples of all our card sizes and printing types it includes a Color Calibration card to help you manage your monitor's color.

Next, download the digital version of the Color Calibration tool using the links below.

2. Adjust Your Monitor Color

Open the source files in Photoshop and compare the colors on the printed card with the digital file on your monitor. You can often improve the displayed colors by simply adjusting the brightness and gamma.

Mac Users: Go to System Preference -> Displays -> Color tab. Click 'Calibrate...' and follow the directions.

PC/Windows Users: Most graphics cards have a calibration utility with their drivers. They usually can be found in the control panel. Refer to your graphics card manual for help.

Note: We do not recommend using ICC profiles to alter color on your monitor since they can only approximate what your printed colors will look like. ICC profiles are most useful when printing your home printer. Using a standard SWOP2 profile will give an approximation of our printing presses, but please remember that it will not be exact.