About 4by6.com Printing

4by6.com is the designer's choice because of our great four-color printing.

Four-color Printing, also known as process color printing, uses dots of Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Black (CMYK) inks applied in varying percentages. The resulting pattern of overlapping dots creates the illusion of a wide range of colors. Being a four-color printer, 4by6.com does not print spot colors.

The 4by6.com Sample Kit contains samples of our card sizes, printing and finishes. Order one today to see for yourself.

Paper Stocks

We offer three types of paper stocks that are perfect for any type of postcard or business card.


4/4 (four over four) cards have four-color printing on both sides. They are printed on 14pt C2S (coated two sides) stock, so both sides are full-color with a glossy finish.

This makes them ideal for photography, illustration or any type of full-color artwork. The glossy surface is harder to write on, but ball point/permanant ink pens will work. Please note that inkjet printing may smear if not allowed to dry properly.


Satin is our premium card stock. Satin cards have four-color printing on both sides. They are printed on 14pt C2S stock with our special Satin coating added after printing.

The Satin coating on both sides produces a heftier card with a wonderful feel. Wear and moisture resistant, Satin makes a great first impression and is perfect for business cards.

Satin cards are durable but this makes them difficult to write on. Sharpies or stick on labels are your best bet for writing and addressing Satin postcards.

4/4 Recycled

4/4 Recycled is a great way to be environmentally friendly and save money. 4/4 recycled cards have digital four-color printing on both sides. They are printed on recycled 14pt C2S (coated two sides) stock.

Our recycled stock is premium-quality and reproduces color as well as our non-recycled stocks.

4/4 recycled cards have a surface that is easy to write on with most types of pens.

Ink & Paper Stock

All our cards are printed on premium white SFI certified stock with VOC free soy-based inks.

All cards are printed with soy-based inks instead of traditional petroleum-based ink. Soy-based inks are more environmentally friendly as they have lower levels of toxic emissions and make it easier to recycle the printed paper.
The paper stock used for your cards is certified by the Sustainable Forest Initiative which ensures that the trees harvested to make the paper are sustainably managed to ensure the long-term health of our forests.